Profitable Bonuses Trusted Soccer Gambling Site

After all, when comparing online and land soccer betting, the results are predictable. For betting at land ball dealers, players do not need to register an account. This is the only advantage of betting at land ball dealers. The rest of course playing online soccer gambling is very superior because of the many advantages that online gambling members can get. One of the many advantages is the promo bonus offer. slot via pulsa

Various Types of Promotional Bonuses from Trusted Soccer Gambling Sites

  1. New Members. The first promotional bonus from a trusted soccer dealer is a new member or what can also be called a registration promo and welcome promo. New member promotions are aimed directly at the official online bookies for new players who meet the requirements. The only condition is that the deposit reaches the minimum limit of the provisions. If the official soccer gambling website asks for or pegs 100 thousand, players just deposit according to the nominal number or even more so that the prize is even higher.
  2. Rolling. The second promotional bonus from a trusted ball dealer is a roll or turn over. Prizes from this promo are calculated from the player’s total bet within the specified time. For example, the benchmark time is a week and a minimum bet of 5 million, online gambling players must bet with a nominal value of 5 million for one week to trigger a rolling bonus.
  3. Cashback. The third promotional bonus from a trusted soccer dealer is cashback or cash rebate. Prizes from this promo are calculated from the player’s losing bets within the specified time. For example, the benchmark time is a week and the minimum loss is 1 million, bets on losing online gambling players will get a cashback promotion if they lose 1 million or more for a week.
  4. Referrals. The fourth promotional bonus from a trusted soccer bookie is a referral or referral. Prizes from this promo are calculated from the bets of the referred players within the specified time. Referral means the player who is invited to join. In general, this referral promotion bonus is given once a week and the prize is calculated as 1 percent of the referred players.
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Other Advantages of Trusted Soccer Gambling Sites

Those were the promotional bonuses on trusted soccer gambling sites and their explanations. And a little out of the main discussion, the official soccer dealer site offers things other than bonus promos.

First, almost every day online gambling players can place bets situs judi pragmatic play. Because quality online soccer sites present matches from worm leagues or leagues not famous to world famous leagues.

Second, the online soccer betting market that can be selected varies from mix parlay, total goal, guess score, guess total corner, odd even, ht ft, fg lg, home draw away, handicap and outright.

Third, the odds of online soccer gambling games are very fair. This is different if you play at a land dealer who always gives less fair odds to reduce the risk of going bankrupt.

Fourth, players can place bets anywhere and anytime. Please note that most trusted online soccer gambling sites use the HTML5 system, which means that it can be accessed via the Android cellphone platform. With this android phone, online gambling players can place bets anywhere, even in a crowd.

And that’s the complete discussion of bonuses from official soccer gambling agent sites and other advantages. Hopefully this information is useful for all of you, and until we meet again.

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