Guide to Reading and Counting Handicaps for Online Soccer Gambling

Handicap (HDP) which is sometimes incorrectly spelled as “handicap” or “hendicap” is one meaning in football betting. Actually not only on football but on all types of sports where the betting market is opened. Whether it’s basketball, badminton, horse racing, car racing, motorcycle racing, golf, tennis, futsal, cricket, hockey, and others. So what is this handicap view and how is it calculated? We will explain below.

Meaning of Football Betting Handicap

Handicap actually means imbalance or advantage (advantages). What does it mean? It means that one of the competing parties has been given a place that is more profitable. For example the match between the club Juventus against Cagliari. We know very well that Juve’s place is far through Cagliari. The potential match for the 2 clubs is not balanced. Because it is not balanced, of course, this party betting market cannot be normal without voor, kei, and others. This imbalance then gives rise to the meaning of “handicap”.

Then why is it called when the handicap is an advantage? It’s clear there is an advantage here where an unseeded club like the example above (Cagliari) gets a bigger voor. For example +1, +1.5, and others. So if we hold Cagliari means we have benefited first. Theoretically on paper Cagliari has made 1 goal or 1.5 goals against Juventus. However, that does not mean that if we play Cagliari, we will win. If the final score is 2 – 0 or 3 – 1 for Juve, Cagliari will automatically lose heavily. Up here understand?

So the handicap is like a signal of imbalance or profit in a football betting party. This handicap applies to all types of bets (betting) on ​​the betting menu. Everything has a place that benefits, whether it’s under over, full time 1×2, specials, and others. Handicaps are related by reading the soccer market.

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Various Handicap

Football markets around the world usually recognize 2 types of handicaps. In the 2 types all sourced. Football betting initially appeared in Europe and then expanded to Asia and the rest of the world. Until there is such a thing as an Asian handicap. Automatically from here there are several types of odds such as Hong Kong, Malaysia (Malay), America, Indonesia (Indo), Europe, and others. However, there are only 2 initial basics which we will explain below:

  • European Handicap (Europe Handicap)

The European Handicap is a type of handicap where we only bet on places: Home – Draw – Away. All standard betting menus are like that. In other words, there are three choices, namely: Host (Home), Draw or Away (Guest). Just take it. It’s easy right? Each choice has its own odds calculation. Usually, the underdog club will get a smaller win, while the unseeded club will get a bigger winning value.

  • Handicap Asia (Asian Handicap)

Asian handicaps are quite different. Here we are not betting on the Home – Draw – Away place. We only bet on Home and Away places. So there is no meaning in betting for a tie even though there may be an option for the tie if both clubs feel equally strong. But the market is still open with some pluses and minuses (+ -). Then what if the series runs? Even if the final result of the match score is a draw (0 – 0) or (1 – 1), we can still win or lose. Can win a quarter (0.25), win in full or even lose a quarter (0.25) or lose in full. Because the Asian handicap has a +/- (positive negative).

  • Asian Handicap Preferred
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Because Asian handicaps provide an unbalanced initial advantage, this type of handicap automatically spreads quickly throughout the world and is favored by many bettors even in Europe, America, Australia, and others. Thus this handicap market is opened, some bettors can see for themselves which place to bet on the link alternatif fortunebet99. Just take it because there are already pluses and minuses.

If we play in Indonesia, we automatically enter the Asian region until we use the Asian handicap market. So there are already voor values, namely: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.25, 1.5, and so on. Even when the final result of the ball game is a draw, one bettor can win or lose. It depends on how we choose. Hope it’s understandable.

In conclusion: Handicaps are related to how to read the soccer market. Asian handicaps are preferred because they have given a positive negative place for bettors. What is important is how to choose and this has to do with predicting the ball score correctly.

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